We Believe Gratitude
is the Key to Happiness

At GeekSoft Consulting, inclusivity and empathy are at our core, erasing any divides in our journey. Our interconnectedness forms a cohesive tech family, where genuinity binds us as one.
Is a foundational attribute that defines the essence of us and is woven into every interaction, decision, and solution we create.
We constantly challenge conventional boundaries, embracing innovation and evolution as integral to our DNA.
We celebrate the unique experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives that each team member brings to the table
This attitude of gratitude infuses every interaction, propelling us to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts and achievements of others.
Signifies more than a mere concept – it's a cornerstone of our identity.
Is the heartbeat of our culture. We recognize that the power of information grows exponentially when shared.
Special Occasion Leave
We understand that life's significant moments - personal milestones or family celebrations, deserve acknowledgment.
Equal Opportunity
We believe in providing a level playing field for all, regardless of background, identity, or circumstance.

We Foster
Pursuit of Knowledge and Growth

At GeekSoft, we take great pride in our commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and personal growth for all our colleagues. We firmly believe that knowledge is the cornerstone of innovation and progress.

Through a supportive environment that encourages exploration and development, we empower our team members to embark on a journey of self-improvement. From the moment you join us, you become a part of a community that values curiosity and intellectual advancement.

Whether it’s through formal training programs, access to cutting-edge resources, mentorship opportunities, or collaborative projects, we provide the resources and encouragement needed to expand your horizons.

At GeekSoft, the pursuit of knowledge and growth isn’t just a slogan; it’s a guiding principle that ensures our colleagues are equipped to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of technology and beyond

With this approach, we not only ensure that our team members remain on the cutting edge of their fields but also contribute to GeekSoft’s overarching mission of innovation and excellence.

Personal Growth
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Interested to
Work with us…

Do you love being a Techie? Do you have an entrepreneural mindset ? Is either one is a yes then to unlease your true potential explore our current opportunities to join us as Geek's
Pursuit of Knowledge
Embracing an unending pursuit of knowledge and growth, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning.
We offer the freedom of flexible working hours to empower employees with personalized work schedules, fostering a balanced and productive environment
Hybrid Work Environment
Experience a hybrid work environment - seamlessly blending remote flexibility with in-office collaboration.
Benefit from our prime location, conveniently situated just moments away from the bustling city center.
Awesome Clients
Our journey with our clients is characterized by open communication, shared goals, and a commitment to achieving exceptional outcomes
Challenging projects
Dive into a realm of engaging and demanding assignments, where you'll have the opportunity to tackle challenging projects that ignite your skills and drive.

    What Our Geeks Have to say
    Geek Reviews

    Great Work Environment

    Great place to have a good work life balance -Company officials supports, motivates and works closely with each other -Amazing CEO and higher officials -Great work environment

    Member of Talent Team

    Source: Glassdoor

    Work Life Balance

    It's a good growing company with good work and time management. You will get good opportunities to learn, Very Supportive & helpful manager .Great team, Friendly environment.

    Technical Architect

    Source: Glassdoor

    Amazing Perks

    Apart from an impressive work culture, the organization provides many benefits including various allowances, remote working options, office snacks/lunch, etc. It is one of the best organizations I have worked for and I have nothing but good things to say about this organization.

    Senior Consultant – SAP Team

    Source: Glassdoor

    Great Learning Opportunities

    The organisation always thinks for its employees in terms of : Flexible work culture, Diversity, Friendly working environment, Learning opportunities, Employee engagement, Training and seminars

    Delivery Lead

    Source: Glassdoor

    Delightful Experience

    It has been two years since I started working at GeekSoft Consulting , and my experience there has been nothing short of delightful. Through LinkedIn, I was introduced to GeekSoft Consulting. It was a really well-organized hiring process. The company welcomes everyone's ideas, promotes professional development, and welcomes people from all cultures.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Lead

    Source: Glassdoor

    At our core, we are a human-centric technology and experience firm, and our service philosophy is intricately woven around this fundamental principle.

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