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Who We are

We’ve always been a technology driven dynamic entrepreneurial organization, with innovative value added services in our package, which ranges from miscellaneous technical applications to effective manpower solutions. We have been determined to accomplish our vision right from the outset with Honesty and our SMART approaches.

We strive to
Engage, Empower and Enable…

Committed to guiding our clients' businesses through transformative change and driving growth amidst challenges, we offer our intellectual prowess and an impartial third-party perspective. Our goal is to furnish optimal solutions, leveraging fresh ideas and expertise to ensure your business's triumph. Whether innovating new concepts or maintaining existing systems, we're your comprehensive partner. Our services extend to diverse demands, centered around technology, with a specialization in SAP and Salesforce. Our focus remains resolute – to empower your business's journey to success.
Technical Excellence
Setting the benchmark for technical prowess, exemplifying excellence across all endeavors.
Providing quality with fair pricing, ensuring affordability without compromise.
Ethical Values
Committed to ethical principles, embodying values integral to our actions.
Enhanced ROI, delivering heightened value and results.
High Performance Team
Achievement-driven team excelling in high-performance endeavors.
Client Centric
Centered around clients, crafting solutions that cater to you.
Out of Box
Thinking beyond norms, venturing into creative solutions.
Flex Team
Adaptable workforce, ready to meet evolving demands.

Our Values

Our Mission is to Revitalize Technology + Work Together + Bridge Communities + Do Good = Create IMPACT.
We are passionate in all what we do and for the same reason, we strive to offer you the best experience with values.


With a genuine mindset as our foundation, we navigate challenges, build lasting relationships, and create impactful solutions that resonate with the essence of us.


Rooted in a passion for growth and willingness to challenge the status quo, this mindset empowers us to adapt, envision possibilities, and create transformative value for our clients and the organization as a whole.


Embracing an eccentric spirit, we dare to venture beyond conventional boundaries, infusing our work with creativity and originality that sparks innovation.


Expertise and know-how are the cornerstones of our approach, guiding us to craft solutions that are both informed and effective.

Voices From The Past

We’ve come a long way to where, we are and will continue to strive in the path of technological revolution.


Keeping Your
Business in Focus

Our unwavering dedication is centered around ensuring your business remains the central focus of our efforts. Our goal is to empower you to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve remarkable growth. With Team GeekSoft by your side, your business vision is our top priority.

Deepak Panigrahi
Founder & Director

At GeekSoft, he is considered as the Jack of all Divisions and the lynchpin. Over 17 years of SAP experience with diverse exposure of serving clients all over the world. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science but currently specializing in Customer excellence and experience. Always been the go-to person for the colleagues or the client.

Rashmi Biswal
Managing Partner & Head of Talent

Loves being glued to her workstation (Exception!!). Over 12 years of IT recruitment experience in India, USA and European regions. She has a Masters in Human Resource Management and specializes in interacting, understanding/ mapping the needs and goals of our customers and consultants. She aims at working with a purpose always and to capitalize on her learning.

Jayant Shandilya
Managing Partner & Head of SAP

Nick named as "Mr. Know How", he is the go-to person for SAP in GeekSoft. A Consultant for more than 12 years of experience with wide array of expertise in solution designing to every Technical/Non-Technical/strategic problem. He holds a Master of Computer Applications (MCA) degree and involved in the SAP practice of GeekSoft specializing in Sales, Delivery and Account Management.

Aurosish Mohanty
Managing Partner & Head of Operations

The ‘Gentlemen’ Geek - brings more than 17 years of expertise and experience in IT industry. Proven Analytics acumen predominantly in data warehousing and business intelligence solutions. Academically he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and currently managing Europe Operations across different business verticals along with the Analytics practice at GeekSoft.

Anshuman Patnaik
Head of Business Development

He is passionate about marketing that makes a positive difference. Building strategic partnerships with customers and keeping them ahead of the technology curve for more than 15 years. Advising clients on technology solutions and leveraging software and services to save resources across commercial industries and business functions.

Ranjan Poojary
Head of Salesforce

The ‘Explorer’ Geek – he has a never-ending thirst of learning and exploring new things. He believes every challenge is an opportunity to learn, develop and transform. With over 13 years of deep dive technology experience acts as the key to our Salesforce ecosystem. Along with a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications, holds multiple certifications in Salesforce and currently drives the Salesforce practice at GeekSoft.

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Awesome Clients

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What Our Clients have to SayClient Reviews

Great Experience

We turned to GeekSoft for SAP contingent staffing, and the results were outstanding. Their pool of CRM talent is impressive, and they matched us with professionals who were a perfect fit for our project.

Program Manager, Baltic Telco Client

Exceeded our expectations

We've been partnering with GeekSoft for our Salesforce needs for years, and they've consistently exceeded our expectations.

Client Partner, IT Services and Consulting Partner

Dedication, passion and hard work!!

Dedication, passion and hard work during the Azure application Migration which was successful in record 12 weeks.

Product Owner, Dutch Banking Client

Speed and Dedication

You did a great job and allowed us provide a state-of-the art digital customer experience to our Nutrition customers

IT Director, German Chemical Client


Encompassing a spectrum of certifications and collaborative engagements.Accreditation's & Partnerships

international security management
ISO certified
GeekSoft Consulting Pvt Ltd
Place of Origin | Office of the Director. This is where the foundation was build.
1574/2561, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar – 30, Odisha, India
+91 96922 00793
GeekSoft Consulting Pvt Ltd
Our Indian operational base and the spine of GeekSoft.
Indiqube Edge, Bellandur, Bengaluru – 560103, Karnataka, India
+91 96922 00793
GeekSoft Consulting GmbH
Based in the city named as ‘Silicon Valley of Europe Economic’ and is our key decision making office.
Registration : Munich, HRB 210434 | Directors – Deepak Panigrahi
Campus West, Landsberger Str. 398, 81242 Munich, Germany
+49 (0) 89 9014 1471
GeekSoft Consulting BV
Our Sales Hub | City Of Startups. Our European Head Office and focused on Benelux region.
Teleport Tower, 151 Kingsfordweg, 1043 GR Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 (0) 20 491 7712

At our core, we are a human-centric technology and experience firm, and our service philosophy is intricately woven around this fundamental principle.


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